Finance & Accounting Solutions

A businesses’ financial health is the most crucial element in its survival, but as a business grows and expands, the amount of accounting work grows exponentially. Bills, receivables, payables, bookkeeping, and financial analysis become the most important part of running your business.


At Keltha, we give you that professional expertise that keeps your business in the green. With the experience and talent of our accountants and finance experts, you will stay ahead of the curve every time, understanding every facet of your financial situation.


Making sure that your numbers make sense on every document, receipt, and page


What We Offer

cfo services

For all your CFO needs. We can act as your virtual CFO strategic partner, assisting you in all financial activities to keep your expansion growing while maintaining a steady ship over your records and finances. Our flexible plans allow you to contract our team at any level, from a complete top-down assistance to temporary consultation.


When you need to redirect your inhouse resources to more important activities, Keltha is ready to takeover all your bookkeeping responsibilities. This includes tax management, financial report generation, record keeping, and any other financial documentation your business might need. Our approach is sweet and simple: we stick to the numbers, and present your financial health as clearly as possible.

accounts receivable

Having trouble with invoices, client payments, and other sources of owed capital? Keeping your cash flow going is as important to your business as anything else. Our team of accounts professionals can help your business create an Accounts Receivable process that gets you paid quickly and completely, every single time.

accounts payable

As a business grows, so does its number of payables. Keeping track of a multiplying list of vendors, partners, owed payments, and other payables can be difficult, especially without the expertise or talent on board to help. Keltha provides that talent: with our Big 4 Accounting Firm experience, we can turn your mismanaged Accounts Payable process into a seamless, painless, and simple machine.

Why Us ?

In the accounting industry, the Big 4 accounting firms command all the respect, and for good reason. At Keltha, we have managed to maintain a roster of talent who have trained with and been educated under the Big 4. With this world class expertise, we have spread their top working practices and company culture across our team. No matter who you work with at Keltha, you are guaranteed the Big 4 treatment.

We understand that in any business, profit margins have to stay tight. Which is why we offer absolutely competitive pricing options for all our clients, to make sure that they can see our value over our competitors and to keep them viable against their own industries. Instead of charging absurd rates for average services, we believe in creating long-term partnerships with slow yet steady growth.

Our top priority at Keltha is you. Clients are the backbone of our success, and maintaining your success is the key to keeping ours. Our team is committed to flexible and tailored solutions—your business is one of a kind, so we expect your solutions to be unique as well. With constant, 24/7 communication and client-satisfaction practices, you will never be disappointed with Keltha.

It would be easy to stick with solutions that businesses have used for five, ten, or fifteen years. But we make the most of the evolving tools and software available to us. Our forward driven company philosophy works towards creating new innovations and solutions, keeping your business equipped with that cutting edge advantage.

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