Product Data Entry

Product Data Entry


Filling in your data, no matter the volume or size.


Running an eCommerce store requires tons of upkeep. For some store, this can mean dozens if not hundreds of new items everyday. Keeping your comprehensive catalog updated is perhaps the most important step towards making sure your customers know everything in your inventory. But filling this data out can take hours out of your workday, limiting your time and energy.


Keltha’s Product Entry service can free up your time while keeping your catalog updated and complete. We handle everything related to your product and store, such as product descriptions, image descriptions, images, product specifications, shipping details, customer reviews and testimonials, and more.


Whatever the volume of products you might have, we are ready to manually enter them into your site. Our professional team of data experts have inputted thousands of products across hundreds of stores and multiple channels.


Keep your site looking fresh and updated, attracting new shoppers and older ones with the latest products highlighted on your store. This one-stop solution provides everything your business might need in product data services.
Why Us?

Experience with several product descriptions, images, and more

Open, fresh, and inviting language

New products, updating old products, and deleting outdated products

Sourcing information from relevant catalogs and websites

Up-Selling and Cross-Selling