eCommerce Call Center Solutions

eCommerce Call Center Solutions


Customers have more choices than ever. We help you be the right one.


Whether you are selling phone cases or computer parts, there are dozens if not hundreds of other website selling the exact same items, and customers know that. While repeat customers are easier to maintain, first timers looking through your site will close your page and find the next store if they aren’t satisfied immediately with your service.


At Keltha, we work hard to make sure every customer that reaches out to your business receives absolute satisfaction. With our Call Center Solutions for eCommerce Support, we provide businesses with a cost-effective solution for 24/7 customer service communication. Our team of English-speaking experts can act as your businesses’ all-day representatives, ready to help your customers get what they need whenever they need it.


This multi-channel service keeps your business connected at all times. With call center support, live chat support, technical support, email support, inbound and outbound calls, order processing services, new customer acquisition, and so much more, we give businesses the chance to compete with the biggest competitors in their industry.
Why Us?

24/7 service

Experts in the latest eCommerce platforms

Native-level English communication for every team member

Analytics, data, engagement, and more