Order Management

Order Management


Treat every order as important as if it were your last.


Guaranteeing a customer’s order goes perfectly along the way can be difficult. Our end-to-end order processing assistance allows your business to deal with the backend of every order received, while we keep your customers happy, proactive and reactively.


At Keltha, our Order Management team operates on a multi-platform level, creating and responding to contact on all fronts of your business. With inquiry, follow-up, confirmation, satisfaction, and survey emails, we give your customers that personalized touch along every step of the way. We stay on top of your customer’s inbox, keeping your company remembered long after every order.


The Order Management team also handles live customer support, responding to inquiries with immediacy, every time. Whether an order needs to be changed, confirmed, or cancelled, we can receive the information and deal with your customer in the best way possible.


Your customers’ orders will be streamlined from start to finish, creating a connected and satisfied experience that will earn your business that 5-star review on all channels. Remember: running a business is all about maximizing customer satisfaction.
Why Us?

Streamlined order processing and management for quicker orders

Continued customer contact throughout order processing

Helpful and supportive team to answer all inquiries

Hundreds of clients and customers served

Extra market research with satisfaction surveys and more