Contact Center Outsourcing

What We Offer

inbound call telemarketing

Receiving and handling your customer calls, from orders to inquiries to customer complaints. We provide the right answers to the customers and clients in need.

outbound call telemarketing

A business can’t thrive on organic leads alone. Expand your customer base and boost your lead generation with our expert telemarketing personnel, offering cross-selling, upselling, and more.

customer support

Build that connection with your customers that lasts a lifetime. Our customer support team are naturals at establishing and evolving client-business relationships, with our knowledgeable and friendly staff who are key towards inspiring loyalty.

call center support

Answer all questions and concerns at all times of the day with our 24/7 Call Center Support channels. Never leave an upset customer unattended, and get to the bottom of every issue immediately.

sales customer acquisition solutions

Need more sales, customers, or clients? We can help you cut back on your marketing and outreach budgets with a team of seasoned professionals with tons of experience acquiring new sources of revenue.

email support solutions

Customer support is more than just answering phones. Our support team knows the difference between a bland email and one that pops. Encourage customer loyalty and repeat sales with emails that make them crave for more.

live chat support

We cover every platform 24/7, including live chat, phone lines, emails and tickets, and more. Assist your customers with their most urgent requests in sales, billings, and returns right away.

order management

Guarantee your customer a relaxed and informed experience from start to finish, with our end-to-end order management support service. We can streamline your orders and ensure that no customer is left in the dark at any point of their shipment.

Why Us ?

The best customers expect the best service and support. We can make the difference in delivery, giving priority to your elite and high-value customers. Our highly-trained customer care staff can do more than just “stick to the script”, and understand how to adjust for every unique concern and need. Take that extra step and make your customers see that you care.

We encourage our team to work with an omnichannel mindset, allowing your customers to drop off and pick up with any team member at any point of their issue. Our flawless integration throughout our team allows us to seamlessly assist customers across various channels and various support staff.

At Keltha, we crave helping others. Our customer support staff will do more than just tick the boxes on their list when dealing with every unique client and issue. We go the extra mile and make sure that every interaction is pleasant, giving your business the longevity it needs.

We provide that added layer of security, with an extra guarantee of continued service even when our servers go down. Our backup servers ensure that your customers will never be out of touch with our 24/7 staff, and our highly-secured system infrastructure guarantees that any information we have on your company remains absolutely secure and confidential.