Back Office BPO Solutions

Competition is tougher than ever, whatever industry your business may be in. Finding ways to create that competitive advantage is every business’ main goal, but creating that advantage isn’t always so easy.

At Keltha, we can help you create and maintain that competitive edge. Our team of experts can virtually take over all your back office responsibilities, allowing your on-site team to handle more direct channels to grow your business.

True growth isn’t about working harder. With Keltha’s back office professionals, we can help your business work smarter.


Cut costs, improving efficiency, and stay ahead of the curve.


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What We Offer

virtual assistants

There are many times when all you need is an all-around assistant. Maybe you need assistance with reformatting a single document, entering data into a certain spreadsheet or make calls. Our professionally trained virtual assistants are here to answer your every whim. Our virtual assistants can cut you the cost of hiring an in-house assistant, and can work flexible hours to help you with any level of need you might have.

data entry solutions

With millions of lines of data for several projects, our data entry specialists have done it all. Our trained staff of data experts have the meticulous attention to detail required for long and repetitive data entry projects. Whether you have thousands of products that need to be itemized in a digital catalog or countless receipts and order information that need to be compiled together, we are at your disposal.

rearch and information gathering

Research is the name of the game for any business and industry. Keeping yourself equipped with the most recent and relevant facts and information is absolutely crucial towards making the best choices moving forward. Our researchers have the experience required to gather the specialized market research, competitor information, and demographic study that your business needs to succeed.

digital marketing

The online market is bigger than ever before, and properly tapping into that space can do wonders for your business. Our digital marketing experts provide a varied range of solutions to help you get ahead of your competition. Including paid media campaigns, reputation management, email marketing, SEO, content marketing, and so much more, our team at Keltha is focused on one thing alone: results.

Why Us ?

Our Back Office BPO team know more than just Word and Excel. We keep ourselves educated and updated with the latest technology and software on the market. This gives us that competitive edge to serve your business in ways that others can’t. Our solutions, practices, and key work ethic will always be ahead of the curve.

When it comes to satisfaction, no outsourcing company provides it better than Keltha. Satisfaction is our number one guarantee, meaning we will on a project until a client is absolutely satisfied.

Perfection and quality: nothing matters more at Keltha. Our team is obsessed with keeping our record spotless, which is why we double and triple check every project we work on. When it comes to data entry and business assistance, work needs to be looked over with an eagle’s eye.

Oftentimes, a messy infrastructure can ruin even the best outsourced service. We understand the necessity of keeping our internal infrastructure and information architecture clean and concise.

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