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In an ideal world where perfection would exist, every decision made would go as planned. We try to achieve the same results in the world we live. We are a friendly company of BPO Solutions who are happy to assist you in achieving your business targets. With significant experience in the services we are providing, we can assure you the satisfaction you expect from us.

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Ahmed, CEO/ Founder
You can also reach me at my personal number: +1 (680) 201-1498 or at ahmed@keltha.com. It will be my pleasure to talk with you directly 🙂

A small introduction of our Company:

Keltha was founded on a single principle: to make simple. CEO & Founder, Ahmed Abdul Malik saw the BPO industry and experienced the same frustrations that most businesses go through these days: big company solutions, slow infrastructure, and virtually no focus on the client experience.


We started Keltha with a single dream: we wanted to change all that. We realized that the way you act in business and in life shouldn’t be so different. We wanted to create an atmosphere where clients, partners, and customers could be treated the same way we treat our family and friends.

Keltha understands the need for BPO solutions in the modern world. Succeeding in competitive industries is now more difficult than ever, and maximizing every advantage is the key to short-term success and long-term growth. It is our goal to provide businesses with the general BPO solutions expected of them, as well as the business-specific BPO solutions tailored and customized exactly for their business. We offer the platform businesses use to get up to speed with their competition, and the launchpad to get ahead.

Keltha envisions a future in which we have become an authoritative leader in the BPO industry, shaping it into a more business-friendly service solution. It is our goal to help mold the industry towards a focus on optimal practices and key performance indicators. We want to influence the landscape of all industries that we work with, assisting both customers and businesses. With our top-quality services, highly-experienced and trained personnel, and a commitment towards continued excellence, we hope to take our place at the head of BPO solutions and services.

Business is business, and no business finds success without teamwork, integrity, and honesty. Keltha works every day to create a work culture of respect and dedication. We treat every employee as a team member, working together to create the best output possible. We provide to satisfy.


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