Solving Market Challenges With Call Centre Outsourcing

The landscape of forthcoming markets is changing rapidly due to the advent of technology and ever-changing marketing tactics. The crux of understanding these market challenges lies in the very goals that firms set for themselves, and since each case study is different, coming up with pragmatic solutions for these challenges can be a fairly daunting task. However, nowadays a multitude of entrepreneurs and marketers are looking into the arena of call center outsourcing for this very purpose. In layman terms, call center outsourcing is a popular business tool wherein you can outsource all customer service servers to a foreign specialist, in-house and independent divisions. If this is a prospect that you are interested in, then strap in as this article takes you through the entire process in detail!

  1. Understanding Your Requirements

Before you jump onboard the outsourcing train, it is important to assess and analyze your needs as a marketer. This will help you streamline the kind of services that you might require, and where you should contract out your call centers as there are several options out there. Some of the most popular outsourcing locations are India, the Philippines, Canada, and Ireland. Not only does outsourcing to these places cost less, but the employees also already have a fair command over English, making communication all the more efficient.

  1. Flexible and Cost-Effective

Call center outsourcing allows firms to be more flexible when it comes to changing trends in the market. If you move your business to a new location, expand your existing setup and introduce new products in your line then you are bound to face some difficulties in estimating how many additional call center employees you need to hire. Then there’s the additional cost of maintaining new call centers, even if they don’t return significant revenue. However, with outsourcing, you only have to pay employees for the time they spend on the phone with customers.

  1. Outreach to International Markets

If you plan on expanding your firm to international markets, then you will need customer service representatives that understand the language and culture of that particular region. Having outsourced call centers already in place can greatly ease this transition for you as they will already be accustomed to dealing with locals and understanding their requirements.

  1. Customer Service

Telecommunication infrastructure is bound to wear out over time. This unreliable and outdated technology can cause several maintenance hold ups that affect your business direly. However, with outsourced call centers, you get the added advantage of the latest technology and the freedom to focus on the creative aspects of developing your business rather than delving in these unpleasant details.

  1. Prompt Responses and Feedback

It is a common trend that customer demands increase significantly during certain times of the year, i.e. public holidays, etc. It is simply not feasible to train and hire employees to deal with those spikes in business and then lay them off once everything is back to normal. Instead, you can leave all this up to outsourced call centers.

  1. Potential Pitfalls

While call center outsourcing is an extremely lucrative tool, it also has some shortfalls that you need to look into before you take the plunge. These include communication gaps, i.e., issues in understanding foreign accents, and unfamiliarity with local slang and phrases. Also, since outsourced call center employees are placed so far from the actual corporation, they sometimes do not understand the products and their uses to the fullest extent. This slight gap and hesitation cause a reduction in consumer confidence and willingness to purchase a certain product. You can correct these by holding workshops for these employees to educate them about the nature of your target consumer base and the exact nature of products that you are putting forth in the market.


Like everything else, call center outsourcing has both pros and cons. However, there are no issues that cannot be resolved with a little effort. Communication and timely feedback is the obvious key in this regard. One cannot deny that it is one of the most basic solutions to ever-growing market challenges. Happy talking!

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