Four Sectors that must Outsource Customer Service & Why?


Outsourcing is a common practice amongst businesses, where business functions and processes are contracted out to third-party providers. The benefits of outsourcing are vast, such as cost savings, efficiency gains, increased reach, and greater competitive advantages. It also makes your business flexible and agile, able to adapt to changing market conditions and challenges.

Outsourcing some of the tasks allows companies to concentrate on what they are best at instead of spending time on hiring, training and managing staff to develop services that are already offered by businesses in the market. One such operation of customer services is often managed by business-chain usually referred to as the ‘call centers.’ They offer affordable services to companies to manage their end customers. The four business sectors that should strictly consider outsourcing this function are:

  • Banks
  • Insurance
  • Media and Entertainment
  • Software and IT

Banking Sector

In today’s times, it’s tough for the banking sector to distinguish between their core and non-core functions. With the technology currently on the rise, banking knowledge has moved deep into codes & algorithms. This has resulted in a slow and steady reduction in banking knowledge within each organization. In such a manner, the banking industry is moving from high value, slow process industry to low value and fast processing industry.

Business and technology are integrating to achieve efficiency and fast processing. It is thus, beneficial for the banking sector to outsource their customer services to a high-tech company.

Technological advance companies have developed smart interacting models for banks and other businesses using digital channels, android applications, and software tools. They improve the quality of consumer interactions with the business in many ways such as Fast transactions, online help desk, secured cloud servers, data management, etc. Even their specialized tools and workshops can make sales staff more productive.

With investors growing expectations day-by-day and technology on the rise, the banking sector must outsource its customer services to enhance its core functions processing capabilities. Otherwise, other businesses will extract benefits from these tools and the banking sector’s revenues will drop eventually.

Insurance Sector

Today’s business environment is highly volatile and complex. Substantial changes are already witnessed in the insurance sector. The cut-throat competition has caused various operational challenges which resulted in extra expenditures, and profits started to decline.

With the rising competition in the insurance sector, the customer services department can be outsourced to reduce extra functions and increase profitability.

Individuals in the insurance sector must understand that with the rise of technology, new avenues, i.e. new solutions to the existing problems are emerging. Businesses are specializing in ways to make customer services more productive. If the insurance sector has to thrive in this cut-throat competition, it must consider outsourcing its various functions including the customer services department, immediately. Why? Because other businesses have already reduced their running costs by operating outsourced models to offer exemplary services to their customers.

Utilizing the services of call centers, data mining, and data processing agencies could give the extra edge this business needs!

Media and Entertainment Sector

With digital technology transforming the media and entertainment industry, companies in this sector need to focus all their energies on building their core competencies. Thus, outsourcing the customer service operation to a call-center service can help improve customer satisfaction, revenue, and profits.

With the internet use on the rise and more digital streams, the entertainment industry has gone through a dynamic change. Consumers now expect to access much of their media and entertainment through their phones or laptops, and also prefer to interact with companies using these same channels. Hiring a contact service to ensure multi-channel support to customers such as emails, live chats, and phone calls is a must these days.

Without these multi-channel contact services support, entertainment and media sector will lose its major consumer base.

Software and IT Sector

New small to mid-sized enterprise (SMEs) startups in the IT sector is on the rise globally. Setting up in-house IT helpdesks usually requires a hefty sum to start and maintain. It also shifts the focus of the enterprise to cope with functions outside their field of expertise, resulting in inefficiency.

That being said, switching to an outsourced IT support company, to handle customer care becomes a must for any SMEs.




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