Top 7 Best Customer Support Software

What is Customer Support Software?

Customer support service is the assistance and advice provided by a company to its users who buy and use its products and services. It is the provision of service to customers before, during and after a purchase.

When this service facilitated in the form of software is known as Customer Support Software. It is a web category that covers applications that bulletin board systems companies use to answer questions and various queries and complaints timely and effectively. It is a company’s bottom line. It is any tool that helps a company manage internal and external communications across multiple channels, efficiently deliver service, and resolve issues.

Many software developers claim to have the best Customer Support Software. Research is a big investment. Here we will discuss best Customer Support Software.


Best Customer Service Software


Now we will discuss the best software. Compare the above-listed features to find the best of the best. The listed software have been picked up from different websites after detailed research.


  1. Zendesk

This software has topped our list of best Customer Service Software. It features every service a customer can have. It has powerful and flexible products that scale to meet the needs of any business. The products are easy to implement as well. Customers can interact across phone, chat, email, social media, and any other channel you can imagine, all come together in one place.

You can start with Support and build your custom solution or choose their packages. The price of the product itself starts from $89 (per month), but you can always use it before buying through its 30 days free trial.


They offer some features


You can contact their support team for guidelines. You can make your plan that suits your need. The price to acquire guidelines from the support team starts from $5-$199 (per month) depending on your duration.

You can connect with their support team for any query through their feature “Chat.” You can have a real-time conversation with them through messaging. The plan starts from $0-$59 (per month). For on-call query session, you can use their “Talk” feature. The plan starts from $0-$89 (per month).

You can visit the website for further details.


  1. Freshdesk

The second competitor in this list is Freshdesk. It is intuitive, feature-rich affordable customer service software. It has a load of features in it. “You can streamline all your customer conversations in one place. Automate your repetitive work and save time. Collaborate with other teams to resolve issues faster and much more.” That’s what the software itself says.

But there is one problem; unlike zendesk, you cannot buy an individual part of the software as required by your needs. You have to buy the software as a whole.  This means that it could be overkill for your business if you only need a specific feature of the software.


It has packages for all level of businesses.


  • It offers a free package for beginners.
  • Plan for entry-level business starts from $25
  • Plan for growing teams starts from $44
  • Plan for large teams starts from $59
  • Plan for enterprises starts from &99

*All bills have to be paid monthly

You can have a free trial of the complete software for each level of business for 21 days.


  1. Liveagent

It is an award-winning platform. It is specifically built for small and medium-sized businesses. It also costs you little as compared to zendesk and freshdesk. It has all features including ticketing, live chat, phone, support portal, and social media presence.


It has three pricing plans.


The most basic plan starts from $9 and offers complete access to all features but no chat facility.

The plan with chat facility starts from $29.

The private plan starts at $39.

You can start a 14-days free trial version of each plan before buying.


  1. Salesforce

The software states itself, “It brings together all your customer information in a single, integrated platform that enables you to build a customer-centered business from marketing right through to sales, customer service and business analysis. This gives you a complete understanding of your customers to drive your business’s success.”

It provides various products for its customers. Some of them are Sales cloud, Service cloud, marketing cloud, and commerce cloud, etc.

A mid to large scale business may benefit from this software. You can start 30-days free trial before buying the product.


  1. LiveChat

“Chat with your customers, send their details to your CRM, manage their orders and accept their payments – all that without leaving the LiveChat interface!”

It provides features like unlimited agent accounts, extensive chat history, full chat customization, ticketing system, data security advanced reporting, agent groups, multiple brandings and many more. The list goes on.

It has a basic package for a beginner-level business that starts from $16. Package for a team starts at $33. Full fledge package for a well-running business starts from $50. And then there is an enterprise package that starts at $149.

*All has to be paid monthly

You can test a 30-day free trial before buying the product.


  1. Hubspot

“HubSpot offers a full stack of software for marketing, sales, and customer service, with a completely free CRM at its core. They’re powerful alone — but even better when used together.”

They have a completely free package where you can organize and track everything you need to and build quality relationships with leads and customers.

We have just talked about the completely free package. With this, they have a starter pack with more features in it that starts from $50. They also have a professional pack that starts from $800 (monthly). The enterprise pack starts from $3200 (monthly).

*Bills have to pay annually.


  1. Kayako

“Help Desk Software for personal and connected customer service.”

Kayako has a very modern design. It is loaded with features. It has a solid ticketing system. It also allows its user to connect with service support for free. The software automatically stores all its customers’ history for better customer interaction. It has very easy integration.

It offers an inbox pack that starts from $15. It then has an offer for the medium-level business that starts from $30. Finally, it has an offer for professional-level business which starts from $60.

*all bills have to be paid monthly.

You can see their free trial for 14 days before buying the product.


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