The Pros and Cons of ChatBots

Chatbots have been a real buzz these days. AI-centered chatbots are now increasingly popular particularly in consumer-based companies, working to keep the cost as low as possible and increase the efficiency of the business. According to a research from Aspect Consumer Experience Index 2016, nearly 45 percent of customers prefer choosing chatbots for customer service.


There is no hidden fact in it that chatbots are loved by some and hated by others. Being comprised of programmed interacting systems and pre-programmed algorithms, they interact and converse with users on the behalf of customer service agent. Although being around for only a few years, they have proved to be a valuable asset for many organizations. Nonetheless, there are significant advantages of deploying chatbots in the business sector but using them indiscriminately may cause more harm than good. The business owners in this regard need to carefully analyze how and where chatbots should be implemented.

Here we quickly summarize the top advantages and disadvantages of deploying AI Chatbots for the customer service industry.


The Pros of Chatbots

Let’s go through some of the benefits that chatbots provide:


  • 24/7 Availability

One of the main advantages of chatbots is their 24/7 availability. Since they are virtual robots they never get exhausted to obey your command. This implies that they are always offering the services and interacting with the customers even outside the official hours. This proactive behavior and extra-availability help make customer loyal and scale up the businesses overall.


  • Helps you to Reduce Cost

If you own a business, you need to pay a lot to your employees. And these expenses just keep increasing as the business expands. However, chatbots are a just one-time investment; means that you won’t have to pay again and again as their operating cost is lesser and thus a great way to support businesses. To be precise, they help organizations reduce down on staff required.


  • Automate Repetitive Tasks

Chatbots automate the monotonous and repetitive tasks which no one likes to do. In the case of human employees, these tasks are also prone to mistakes and errors. However, using chatbots ensure the automation of the business operations and complete them at the right time. This helps customers save time by speeding up the service delivery to them which ultimately leads to an increase in the output of the companies.


  • Provides Satisfaction to Customers

Tasks performed by humans are prone to errors. Moreover, employees react to customers based on their mood and emotions. If a service agent is in good mood he will most probably interact and converse to customers in an amicable way. While if the agent is in bad mood, it would impact the agent and customer relationship.

On the other hand, chatbots are programmed in such a way that they are bound to obey some rules and follow the commands. They always deal with a customer in the most polite and friendly way no matter how rough the person is.


The Cons of Chatbots

Let’s discuss some of the disadvantages of chatbots in the service industry.


  • Inflexible Behaviour

Chatbots are based on AI programming, therefore, they are bound to respond to some specific behaviors. They do not act beyond what they have been taught. They can not respond to questions which were not programmed. In some cases, they can be jammed if the unprogrammed and unsaved query is presented in front of them. This leads to customer dissatisfaction and impacts the efficiency of the business.


  • User Prefer Real-time Interaction

Some customers like to engage with a real agent based on real conversation and emotions, especially the old-aged people who do not exactly know how to converse with a programmed chatbot. In such cases, some users get irritated, despite the chatbot is performing its right job.

For real-time interaction like- video chat and secure document sharing, a human agent is always be preferred.


  • Increased Installation Cost

Though, chatbots are useful inventions that help you save the time and efforts of the human employees by ensuring 24/7 availability and serving to several clients at once. But unlike humans, every chatbot needs to be programmed differently for a new organization which has increased installation cost. This also increases the time needed to design for the program and plan everything effectively. In some cases, it could be risky when the programs need an update or there is a need to make the last minute change.


  • Poor Memory

Chatbots have a poor memory. They are not able to memorize the past conversation with different clients which forces the user to type and mention the same thing again and again. This can be annoying for some customer and often frustrate them because of the effort required.



To conclude, there are both pros and cons of the chatbots. They can increase the efficiency of your business activities by providing 24/7 service and cut down staff training costs. Nonetheless, some mistakes could be costly for your business image as well as put an extra bear on your wallet.

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