How Artificial Intelligence is Impacting the Customer Service

Today, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is more intelligent and meaningful than ever before. AI has successfully developed digital assistants and chat bots that have nearly replaced humans. The virtual assistants like Siri, Alexa, and Bibixy allows users to accomplish a wide variety of tasks in less time with minimal effort. Organizations and industries these days are more inclined towards AI and reaping its benefits as well. The technology has a huge potential not only in terms of easing the customer’s journey but also increases the efficiency of the business by reducing the overall cost of the process.

AI is rapidly transforming the service industry by handling the monotonous repetitive tasks that previously were the responsibility of the employee. AI now has given freedom to employees from time taking tedious tasks allowing them to focus their energy on important business activities. Many big companies and enterprises are also using cutting-edge AI technology to interact with their customers. In fact, to keep the right balance, many organizations rely both on humans and virtual assistants when it comes to customer industry.

Let’s see how AI impacts the customer service industry.

  • Chat Bots

Chatbots has brought a revolution in customer service industry. Siri is a prime example of how these chatbots are being implemented to cater to human demands. Many organizations are using chatbots to interact with customers. Businesses and enterprises are incorporating the technology of chatbots to their websites to meet the customer’s needs. These chatbots offer customer service 24/7 and 365 days a year. They use cutting-edge machine learning and AI technology to meet the high demands of customers. These chatbots are capable to do a humanised interaction and conversation and provide you with real-time solutions.

Lyft, Spotify, Sephora, Staples and many others have already using the power of chatbots to automate customer interaction. For example, Using Facebook Messenger or Amazon Echo you can book a ride on Lyft. If talk about Spotify, you can search, play and share your favourite music using Facebook Messenger.

  • Artificial Intelligence Personalizes the Customer Service

Another most important advantage of AI-driven customer services is that it can assist businesses to deliver a personalised customer service experience.

Usually, it requires big time and effort to collect all the data of customers and align them with their behavioural pattern. But AI has made it pretty easy. With AI, computer automation and natural language processing, it has become easier to check the profile of the customer. AI tracks the customer’s previous history to get accustomed to his behavioural patterns. It collects data about a customer’s previous interactions, sales record, two-way interactions, and also track consumers previous industry records.

  • AI Reduces Operational Cost

Advanced and innovative technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Language Processing, Industrial Robots, and machine learning are increasing the efficiencies of businesses by many folds.  These new technologies are advancing a rapid pace and streamlines business activities and operations to enhance the productivity and efficiency of the company. This ultimately leads to higher profits over time. AI can manage high volume workflows and business operations and this leads to earning more revenue. AI-driven businesses manage cost in the most effective and efficient way and thus result in the high-level output.

Integrating AI and automation in business activities decreases the chance of human errors and thus this increases overall security. Not only that, AI will have a more promising impact on the businesses in the near future. To keep a pace with the modern world, it is important for any business to automate their processes by using the power of AI and machine learning. This will reduce operational costs and will lead the business towards success.

  • AI answers Customer’s Queries Efficiently

In the era of rapid advancement, customers want their queries to be addressed quickly. They want to get the answer instantly. To satisfy your customers and earn a good repute for your brand in the market, you must address the issues and queries of your customers. In order to satisfy the high demands of customers, brands and organizations are relying on robotics to assist customers to fix their queries in no time.

For instance, in the Hospitality niche, particularly the hotel market, many brands have implemented Artificial Intelligence to facilitate their customers and to provide humanised interaction. In such cases, customers do not bother to call an agent or employee of the customer service. They can quickly interact with the robot and ask anything they want and get the reply quickly. The robots use cognitive reasoning to answer the questions in a friendly manner.


Many people believe that AI will replace humans in near future. However, there are also some who do not see AI as a threat, but rather, think AI as a complement to human errors and weaknesses. They believe implementing AI into your customer service is an effective way to increase the efficiency of your business and reduce the operational cost.

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